viernes, abril 08, 2005

Zig Zaging Flight

My zig zag love
I know he love me
I know he miss me...but is his style...zig zaging flight.

Do I have to zigzag too?
if he doesn't come again
do I have to take that plane?
clouse my just a game.

5...4...3...2 I'm breathing...I'm waiting...I'm in a turbulance

Do you ask my destiny?
are we going to the same place?

Ladies and gentleman...the flight number 7855 (the zigzaging flight) without destination is departing at the gate of your preference.

5...4...3...2 Im breathing...Im waiting...I'm in a turbulance

Fasten your sitbelt, we are landing in the international port of the loneliness with a temperature of 0 degrees.

...and all the dominicans start clapping...

I start lowering the stairs, and everything is so dark, everything is so cold, everything is so real.

And his plane begins to fly
theres no return
Im alone in the coldets place
and there are no more scales

Can you sell me another ticket?
Can you pass to pick me up again?
or I have to make my live
in this killer memories?

Lo me cruzó un cable y amanecí hablando en inglés.

4 comentarios:

Gabemaster dijo...

Esos malditos gringos. Mira asta donde a llegado su crueldad e imperialismo que te an forzado cpn amenaza de muerte a aprender su idioma y levantarte en la mañana olvidandote de el tuyo. Que malvados son.

Gabemaster dijo...

Por otro lado. Is really cool :)

lizzie González dijo...

jajaj gabeee yo no odio a los gringos, solo la política de gobierno de bush....and Thanks

PVilas dijo...

no impiorta el idioma, lo importante es que hables!!!!
sad, but I liked it...