martes, septiembre 05, 2006

Carta para un "Hombre"

Esta carta llegó a mi y su autora permitió que la publicara bajo el anonimato. Pueden copiarla y mandarla a quien crea que se la merezca. (de seguro todos van a reenviarla, todos tenemos alguien que merece un poco de estas palabras)
I don’t want you to think that I am writing to
Ask you to reconsider and come back to me.
Nor that I ever wished it would happen some
day. Because of the way you did things, you
would never deserve my trust again.

This letter has just one purpose: to ask you
To examine your conscience carefully and
Assess if the way you behaved is really
Worthy of someone who calls himself a man
Of truth. In my view, true men do not act as
Childish and with such hypocrisy as you did,
and would not throw away all this time (as
You’ve called it so many times) of love.

Tell me something: were the things you said
To me and all the affection you devoted me
Nothing but lies? Or are you so childish to
the point of not knowing what you really
want? Listen, time is passing by and you are
not a kid anymore…be careful, you hear?
People like you don’t usually manage it, they
Usually end up alone and miserable, be
Sure of that.

I think that you should show a little respect
For others, is not a game so, I really hope that
You did a good thought. And
After having done that, I hope you star
Planning well your next steps, so that you
Life does not turn into a big succession of

2 comentarios:

PVilas dijo...

espero nunca tener que reenviarmelo...

lagitti dijo...

Amiga, yo mandé una carta masomeno así, un poco más dura hace par de meses......